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Relax, it’s friday:))

Lemonade yellow is one of the favourite colors of upcoming SS 2012 season. If you insist to wear in the beginning of the spring, the result is a mixed salad like this:)) If you wanna wear it “comme il faut” you should wait for a little while:))

Have a nice weekend everyone…

Jean: H&M

Shirt: Batik

Biker jacket: Herry

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Clutch: Mango

Striped pants…

I’ve always loved striped outfits especially in black&white. In this SS 2012 season I saw these kind of pants in many stores. You can find some in H&M also. I bought my pants from Batik in Turkey. The black top is from Zara’s new collection. Its asymmetric cutting and back decolleté is really cute. Let me remind you that you can find its different colors too.

Pants: Batik

Top: Zara

Bag: Dior

Sunnies: Koton

Earrings: Beliz

My new Isabel Marant jeans…

I start the week with my brand new Isabel Marant studded jeans.. Being very respectful to punk style of Isabel Marant, I selected all items one by one:) Thank God, the weather is sunny finally and hope the summer will come soon:))

Jeans: Isabel Marant

Tee: Gill’s

Cardigan: Gill’s

Purse: Prada

Boots: Nursace

Sunnies: Koton

Black plastic bracelet: Mango

Leather studded bracelet: H&M

Earrings: Beliz Bijuteri

A red skirt again…

Again a red skirt post:)) It’s just because I’m an Aries why I’m so in love with red color… I’m totally in its orbit when I see a red item in a store:)) The outfit of the day is red&beige&brown colors…

Skirt: Twist

Blazer: Gill’s

Turtleneck: Zara

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Leather bracelet: Louis Vuitton

Bracelet: Beliz

Boots: Coşkun

New stuff…

Studded jeans: Isabel Marant

Jeans with stars: Dolce&Gabbana

Others: H&M


Golden skirt…

This is the second skirt post of the week… I really like to wear fancy clothes in my outfits. Most of the time, I have really unique looks by combining plain items with fancy ones… This golden skirt is from last winter collection of Mango. I wore it with a basic turtleneck and dark black leggings. I prefered to be a little bit more trendy with my golden pair of cuffs..

Skirt: Mango

Turtleneck: BCBG MaxAzria

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Cuffs: Karya

Leather overdose…

Today, it’s a leather day as you can see in the pics:)) But, you might have thought that I have a leather overdose… It is rather a motorcycle outfit:)) But, I don’t have a motorcycle and I don’t think to have one!!! It is just a casual outfit that I’ve showed my leather love:))


Leather leggings: H&M

Leather top: Zara

Long cardigan: Fizz by Park Bravo

Handbag: Chanel

Booties: Casadei

Bracelets: Beliz

Sequined skirt…

I’ve bought this sequined skirt from Zara this season. Everyone who has seen this skirt asked me where I was thinking to wear it! You don’t have to wear sequined outfits in every new year eve’s::)) I think you can wear it with a plain top or basic tee, minimum accessories of course… And voila! I prefered to wear it for a dinner with friends… A basic turtle neck will let the skirt be the star of the outfit:))

Have a lovely weekend everyone….

Skirt: Zara

Turtleneck: BCBG MaxAzria

Leggings: Penti

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Clutch: Chanel

Finally I made it!

I was in real trouble since I have bought these leather crocodile pants! Really, I mean it… The reason is that I couldn’t find the proper outfit matching these pants. Its leather material and croco pattern makes it chic and lush. I had to match them with such items that would soften the flashy look of these pants. Indeed, this is my main style principle. I like to gain a different look in whole while matching different styles:)

I preferred to match the crocodile pattern with the tartan in perfectly matching colors:) Four months ago, I wore these pants with my Converses because the weather was not so freezing! You can see the outfit here…I think there are many other outfit choises but I need more ideas… What do you think? Please share your comments:))

Pants: Zara

Jumper: Twist

Boots: from Paris

Coat: Koton

Earrings&Bracelets: Beliz

Bag: Prada

Red leather skirt…

Today, I decided to wear a total Mango outfit. The only thing that is different is the purse which I’ve bought from Steve Madden:)) I’ve bought the red leather skirt from Mango sale. I wanted to wear it with a color other than black which is so ordinary and boring for me!:)) I think the result is very successful with military green… I recommend you to think again before you match a neon color with blacks or whites… If there is nothing in your mind, sit down behind your closet and wait an inspiration to come for a unique look:))

Have a nice week everyone…

Skirt/Pull/Parka/Boots: Mango

Purse: Steve Madden

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